Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2


The Twelve Steps make up a whole. Each is good separately, but unless we apply all of them to our lives, we will regress. It is easy to enter the program, get excited, work only a few of the steps, and feel better for having done as much as we did. If we do not consciously make a choice to change our way of life permanently to include all of the steps, we may lose what we have gained. At the least, we will not continue to progress and will lose out on the serenity promised as a result of working the steps. It is very tempting to be satisfied with lowering the pain level to manageable proportions. If we do step there, the person we will hurt most is ourselves, although we may also hurt others. The difference between working the whole program and only part is the difference between serenity and existing.


May You always remind me that, "Just for today," I have a program.


This program is not a menu from which to choose what I want, but a way of life. To get the full benefits, I must live it all.

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