Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13


A smile, a letter of remembrance or encouragement, a pat on the shoulder, or a kind word could be the very thing which someone may need to make it through the day. We need each other. We all need phone calls, letters, and listeners. Hurts need to be understood and tears need to be shared. The old bucket brigade of yesteryear is a good example of people needing people. A fire in the community brought every able-bodied person out to form a human chain from the water source to the fire. A bucket filled with water was passed from person to person until it reached its goal. Every person in the line was needed and shared the responsibility for dousing the threatening flames. We are all needed with our special talents. Without us the world brigade would miss our hands.


Open my heart to others' needs and close my eyes to their shortcomings.


More is accomplished with a pat on the back than with a knife in the back.

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