Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20


Sometimes I work too hard, get too busy, and run roughshod over problems -- my own and maybe others'. I often ignore this "too busy" problem for a while. After all, these many, many thins I have to get done are very, very important! But wait a minute. They are not nearly as important as talking care of myself, getting the necessary sleep, eating properly, and taking some time to communicate in a loving way with persons in my family and in my live in general. The tough thing is to make choices, often because I have to choose between several things I want to do or things that other people want me to do. Making choices is not easy. I need to ask myself if what I am so busy at is really as important as some of the other things which are calling for some time.


May I slow down at least enough to take a quick inventory now and then. Help me to put myself on the list.


To realze the most important thing is to be alive in the world.

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