Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10


Emotional pain is what brought me to EA. In spite of my fear, I went to my first meeting and found I was not alone. I also found hope. I heard how others had found help through the Twelve Steps and through sharing with each other, and I made the commitment to give it a try. I attended weekly meetings, read the literature, and tired to work the program in my daily life. After spurts of growth and slips, I realized I was getting better. The anxiety, panic and abnormal fears were beginning to lessen. I continue to attend meetings and maintain what I have learned and continue to grow as a person through faith in my Higher Power. When I give hope to a new member by telling my recovery story, my growth is enhanced.


God, help me to remember the past pain. Help me to be greateful to the program and the people who have shared their thoughts, feelings, fears and faith with me. Let me never forget to look to You for guidance and to know You will support me.


Through pain comes growth and eventually peace and serenity.

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