Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 20


"Are you angry and upset?" "Who, me? Heavens no; I don’t let things like that bother me." Sound familiar? It is the first denial of a feeling – saving face and trying to preserve my I-don’t-care attitude. Now I start to think and mull the incident over in my mind. It consumes me. My stomach starts to churn as resentment builds. "No, nothing is bothering me; I’m just tired. Second denial. My concentration is shot. I cannot think. Disorientation has my mind whirling. A sudden noise or a question from a child or a broken dish starts up my yelling machine. "No, nothing is wrong! Leave me alone! Third denial. Hopefully the yelling has allowed me to let off some steam. If not, the next phase could be striking out physically at the persons closest to me. Now let me turn the clock back: "Are you angry and upset?" "Yes, I am. Let's talk this out and get it settled right now." No denial, no turmoil, no temporary pain. What a difference!


Give me the courage to admit and accept my feelings instead of denying them.


Nipping it in the bud can save me from full blossomed pain.

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