Monday, April 02, 2007

April 2


One of the toughest things I ever have to do is get myself going after a setback. The fear of ridicule and the heartbreak of disappointment sap me of the drive and energy needed to start up again. First I need to ask my Higher Power for a bold dash of enthusiasm to set up a spark of hope, which is a driving force that enables me to try again. Upsets, setbacks, and unsuccessful attempts can become ways for me to strengthen my emotional stability by reexamining my priorities. If my method did not work, why not? I have to take a new look at the problem by viewing it from someone else's standpoint and by detaching myself. Maybe I cannot see the forest for the trees. I can try again with the help of my Higher Power grasping one hand, and the EA program and friends clinging tightly to the other.


Give me back my enthusiasm and hope when at first I do not succeed.


My success is measured by my willingness to keep trying.

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