Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17


Our thoughts are like the environment - they started out clean and beautiful. Over the years we dump a lot of garbage into our minds. Some things decay over time (are biodegradable), while other things last forever and leave a garbage dump. The biodegradable refuse is excellent fertilizer - we learn from our mistakes. The plastic and metal must be disposed of - resentments, hate, envy, greed, etc. Just like the environment, there is a need for a one-time wholesale cleanup, once the situation is realized to be bad. Occasionally a new pocket will also need substantial work as new ground is covered. Those areas which have been cleaned will need continued policing to make sure they are actually clean and that there is no new buildup.


Help me to be aware of the location of the garbage dumps in my life so I can pick and sort the fertilizer from the junk. Help me learn from the past and get rid of the things which are getting in the way of my recovery.


Not all garbage is useless, nor is all that we are keeping useful.

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