Monday, May 05, 2008

May 5


Although it is scary to risk being open and vulnerable, the person who is able to do so in a relationship has much to gain. The person who remains closed may feel in control, but this is only an illusion and can block the love needed for a meaningful existence. Each time we risk being open and vulnerable we allow someone to truly know us. We open ourselves to the experience of feeling loved. We also learn about our capacity to love.


May I risk being open and gladly accept the gift of love.


To be known is to be loved.

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Victoria said...

Can you tell me how you decided to post the todays in a blog? I am thinking to do something similar with the stories in the EA big book, but was concerned about copywrite.

I am a long time 12-stepper and EA is my home now for almost 18 years!

Glad to find your blog, I am sharing it with one of my sponsees who is very frugal and has not bought the Today book yet.

justfortodays said...

Grace Hopper said it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I followed her advice. If the ISC ever asked me to take the blog down, I would. But I'm sure it's helping the fellowship.

liquid amber said...

Ha. Love it. I am going to refer to Grace a lot more often myself!