Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11


After one year of working my own program, I came to realize that one thing I was not hearing or seeing, but definitely needed to cultivate within myself, was acceptance. It is one thing to accept the first three steps, which address the problem. It is another to take that Fourth and Fifth Step and accept those things intrinsic to one's personality. Accepting major personality factors does not mean to qualify them as good, bad, or defective. However, the admission I make in Step Five opens the dike I have built between myself and reality. It starts like the fable- the small hole which day by day grows larger. It give me an increasing awareness of the goodness within myself, which I had refused to accept. Am I working a three-step or a twelve-step program?


Please, God, do not allow me to bog down in my program. Let it be. Your will that I continue in the steps and grow strong and able to accept myself and what is to come.


God doesn't make anything that isn't good.

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