Wednesday, December 13, 2006

December 13


The Second Step tells us we came to believe a power greater than ourselves could return us to sanity. In order to return to a place, one must have already been there. In each of us there is a place, perhaps even beyond our earliest memories, where we knew the perfect harmony of mind, body and spirit. Each of us is wonderfully made, designed to experience a vast range of emotions. Like high and low notes on a piano, like light and dark colors in a rainbow, it is the infinite range of possible variations which makes them beautiful and ever new. So, too, we need to experience all our emotions - high and low, light and dark. We then need to seek out in ourselves the place of harmony for each of them in our own unique range of self-expression. In EA that range is constantly widening, enabling us to "hear more music" and "see more colors" in our lives.


May I accept every emotion gratefully. May I acknowledge it, bless it, and allow You to help me interpret it.


I am wonderfully made! As Shakespeare marveled, "What a piece of work is Man!" (Woman, too!)

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